MTBconnection not include advertisings. They slows down the loading of the site, and although they are relevant to the MTB they can be annoying. Its effectiveness is relative since so many people use plugins in browsers that block.

MTBconnection offers partners to be present in an alternative way, non-invasive, non-locking as AdBlock plugin type. It plans to use an icon on the map. By clicking on the icon you will get two links; the first is directed to the partner's site, the second is designed to load the directions on Google maps. Contact us for more information.

Data security

MTB connection use HTTPS. Your data is always encrypted on the network.

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Date format

They are three modes to order the dates in the world.

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In your user profile you can set your preferred mode.

Distance measurement units

The site offers the metric system (kilometers / meters) and the imperial system (miles / feets).

Driving directions

On the ride page by clicking on the starting place icon you can get the driving directions.

Map position

At the first visit the map is centered on your location detected by the geolocation of your computer or cell phone, after your permission. If permission is denied the map will be centered on Turin (Italy). In subsequent loadings the map will center on your last position. You can always click on the bottom right cross to center the map on your location. The geolocation is precise if your device is connected to a mobile data line. With a data line down the results may be inaccurate.


Your personal information such as email address, first and last name, are never accessible by other users. We suggest that you do not put your personal information in the comments.


MTB Connection is a MTB rides sharing platform. Its purpose is to allow everyone to find in any part of the globe bikers with which to unite to a trail. It can be useful if the biker search in a new area or also in his usual area.

Rides displayed

The website displays the next fifty rides in the map area.


Share a ride on Facebook with the 'Share' button located on the individual rides.

Track quotation

The evaluation of an MTB trail is quite subjective. Difficulty helpful irrelevant by one can be difficult for another. We studied some different existing trails quotations systems.

The first two work in much the same way. It estimates the total trails difficuty that assigned a level.

One developed by the FFC and the FFCT is the newer and has a different approach. The criteria are applied scores, their sum determines the level. In this way, the result seems more objective.

We therefore inspired by this system. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

User valutations

On the net you can evaluate quite everything. But how to assess a person that propose you to make an MTB ride ? His proposal already deserves 5 stars. So MTB Connection not propose evaluation systems.

How then get an idea of who is the organizer?

  • by the quality of the ride description
  • by the amount of rides that has already organized
  • from users' comments

In case of misconduct, such as appointments not met, users can make a report that will be on the user's profile. The reliability and seriousness of MTB Connection users is a priority.


Weather forecast is calculated for the place and time of the appointment. It's available for seven days prior to departure. It's provided by Dark Sky. For each trail the weather data are saved so that they can also be displayed if the trail has already taken place.

Users can choose between degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Wikipedia article.